Airfreight Transfer of a Ferrari 599 GTO from Switzerland to Dubai / UAE in September 2015:

JL Logistic got the order of an well Known and exclusive client to handle a very rare Ferrari 599 GTO from Zurich Airport, Switzerland to Dubai, UAE.


After the complicated and detailed customs clearance procedure was successfully done on the 04.09.2015, the car was released to our Swiss forwarding Partner, who arranged the needed official Pre-Check-Inspection with their local Airport Security Agent directly on the Zurich Airport.

This special company did an optical check and documented the condition of this expensive car. The next step was the by hand roll into the airplane including the lashing and securing. On 06.09.2015 the car landed safety in Dubai.

The handling in Zurich is very interesting part, especially in reference to the reliability which our Swiss Partner offered for this difficult job to avoid any scratches or bumbs. They documented each step by pictures. The rolling procedure was done by hand not touching the body of the car. They rolled it in moving the wheel rims.

We appreciate it, if the new owner has a lot of pleasure and fun with his rare and exclusive car.

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